Welcome to the website of Friends of Talybont Reservoir.

The Friends of Talybont Reservoir was formed in 2011 to support the environment, biodiversity and public enjoyment of Talybont reservoir, and to assist in the establishment and support of the local nature reserve. Talybont reservoir has until recently been a Site of Special Scientific Interest but following a decision of the then Countryside Council for Wales to rationalise sites of lower scientific value, a local campaign through the community was instigated to preserve the special tranquillity and environment of the reservoir, through the creation of a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). Both Welsh Water and the Park Authority were lobbied and in 2011 the Park Authority made the decision, in principle, to establish a Local Nature Reserve. The legal and administrative procedures since have been quite complex, however it is anticipated that the LNR will be formally established by the summer of 2014.

The Friends are partners with the Park Authority (BBNPA), Welsh Water (DCWW) and the Brecknock Wildlife Trust (BWT) in the delivery of a mutually agreed management plan for the LNR. The plan is now being finalised and will be published on this site once this has been done.

The Friends have carried out a range of voluntary work at the reservoir including:

  • litter picking
  • nest box (birds and bats) installation
  • provision of a bird hide
  • provision of 2 nesting rafts for Great Crested Grebes
  • biological surveys
  • footpath reinstatement
  • tree planting

The Friends warmly welcome new members. There is no subscription and the emphasis is on practical work which is fun and rewarding rather than meetings and paperwork! There are no commitments to hours: we volunteer without pressure but just for the love of doing something positive for our environment. We have also worked with the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority and the Brecknock Wildlife Trust in providing volunteering opportunities for trainees and under-graduates.

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