Flora & Fauna

Below are three lists of the local flora and fauna of the Talybont Reservoir area:


A full list for higher plant species recorded is listed in the ‘Scientific surveys‘ section. Two notable species of higher plants are recorded at the south-western end of the site. These are:

1. Orange foxtail, Alopecurus aequalis, recorded from 8 10km squares in Wales
2. Needle spike-rush, Eleocharis acicularis, recorded from 27 10km squares in Wales


Talybont Reservoir is an important inland overwintering site for wildfowl with large numbers of pochard, tufted duck and goosander recorded. The populations of wintering wildfowl between 1983 and 1991 are given in the ‘Scientific surveys‘ section.

Below is a list of birds recorded on the site which are protected under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). Many of these species such as the Slavonian grebe and little gull are rare migrants which appear infrequently at the Reservoir, other such as the goshawk and peregrine falcon hunt occasionally over the site but breed elsewhere.

Great northern diver Gavia immer
Green sandpiper Tringa ochropus
Slavonian grebe Podiceps auritus
Little gull Larus minutus
Black-necked grebe P. nigricollis
Little tern Sterna albifrons
Bewick’s swan Cygnus bewickii
Kingfisher Alchedo atthis
Whooper swan C. cygnus
Fieldfare Turdus pilaris
Scaup Aythya marila
Redwing T. Iliacus
Common scoter Melanitta nigra
Crossbill Loxia curvirostra
Goshawk Accipiter gentilis
Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus


Golden-ringed dragonfly Cordulegaster boltonii
Common hawker Aeshnea juncea

Xiphinema diversicaudatum
Macropostonia curvata
Macropostonia raskiensis
Nothocriconema sphagni

Trichoniscus pusilllus
Philoscia muscorum
Oniscus asellus
Porcellio scaber

Abagous lutosus
(Sparganium erectum food plant)

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