Scientific Surveys

Part of the Friends remit involves undertaking scientific surveys in the Talybont area and producing reports about current and future ecological considerations.  We also work closely with other organisations who study the area. Below are links to some of our recent work:

Talybont Invertebrates survey
An invertebrate Survey of Caerfanell, the inflow to Talybont Reservoir, was carried out by Phil Ward (Radnorshire Wildlife Services), Kaitie Gaisford and Stephanie Coates. The aim was to provide a snapshot measure of the biodiversity and water quality using the Environment Agency Biological Monitoring Working Party (BMWP) methodology.

Otter survey
Brecknock Wildlife Trust was commissioned by Friends of Talybont Reservoir to do an otter survey. The aim was to gain an insight into areas important to otters and identify any habitat improvements that could be made.

A Crayfish Survey the Caefanell inflow to Talybont Reservoir
Val Bradley was brought in as a consultant on the project as a NRW Crayfish licence holder with
considerable experience of working with crayfish and has expertise in other freshwater species such as great crested newts and fairy shrimp. The assistants Stephanie Coates (BWT) and volunteers Eleanor Jones and Sue Turnbull have several hours of experience from previous surveys with Val. Approximately one kilometre of stream was surveyed.

Talybont Phase 1 survey Report
A Phase 1 habitat survey was carried out on the western side of the reservoir. The following habitats were found which are good for wildlife: marshy grassland and inundation vegetation, shingle banks, unimproved species rich grassland, native broadleaved woodland, alder carr. There were other habitats such as hedgerow, mixed deciduous planted copses and species
poor grassland which were less diverse but have some wildlife value.

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